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Integration of Konsulta package in SHCs sought


SEN. Christopher “Bong” Go sought the integration of the Konsulta package of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) in super health centers (SHCs) to improve primary health care services.

The senator raised the need for the government to “place strong emphasis on primary care, consultation, and early disease detection.”

Go expressed support for the funding for the Konsulta package to be made available in SHCs during the plenary debates for the proposed 2024 budget of the Department of Health (DoH) last November 15.

He said SHCs are designed to focus on primary care, consultation and early disease detection.

“The Konsulta Package of PhilHealth can be accessed in super health centers once they are completed,” Go said in Filipino and English.

The chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography pressed for the construction of SHCs nationwide to make primary care services more accessible, especially in remote areas.

Sen. Pilar Juliana “Pia” Cayetano, sponsor of the DoH budget, said that P21 billion had been earmarked for the improvement of benefit packages, including the Konsulta package.

“Once the Super Health Centers are completed, they can serve as K ons ult a accredited facilities ,” Go said .“We hope the DoH and PhilHealth would collaborate closely on this for the successful implementation of these projects and programs.”

He said the SHCs will serve as hubs for basic health care delivery, addressing the immediate and long-term medical needs of communities.

“Now is the time to invest more in improving our health care system. We must make sure that our health budget is responsive to the needs of our health care system,” the senator said.

He said that “by strategically placing these centers across the country, the government will be able to bridge the gap between Filipinos and essential health care services.”

The services offered in SHCs include database management, out-patient, dental, birthing, isolation, diagnostics (laboratory: X-ray and ultrasound), pharmacy and ambulatory surgical unit.

Other available services are eye, ear, nose, and throat service, oncology centers, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, and telemedicine, which enables the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients.





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