Lambretta revolutionizes electric mobility with Elettra



The Manila Times


LAMBRETTA, a brand with a legacy of 77 years, has unveiled the Elettra, an avant-garde electric scooter that not only pays homage to its illustrious heritage but also establishes a new benchmark for luxurious future mobility. The Elettra’s design is a testament to Lambretta’s distinct and timeless aesthetic. Melding original design elements with a high-performance electric propulsion system, the Elettra emerges as a trailblazer in the world of twowheelers, marrying elegance with functionality. Characterized by sharp and decisive front lines seamlessly complemented by softer, organic rear volumes, the Elettra pays homage to the classic Lambretta LD. This visual dialogue elegantly bridges the past and the future, accentuated by the minimalist, sinuous profile of the floating seat. Beyond its visual allure, the design seamlessly integrates practical features. The scooter boasts a steel frame and chassis, 12-inch wheels, and a classic “pull-wheel” double shock front suspension. Noteworthy is the complete redesign of the rear suspension, featuring a horizontally positioned shock-absorbing unit above the engine, connected to an aluminum swing arm pioneering innovation for Lambretta. The handlebar, concealing wooden “retractable” brake levers, stands out as a design masterpiece, complementing the innovative “hooked” headlamp. The digital instrumentation propels the Elettra into a new dimension of communication and interaction with the rider. The entire rear body can be automatically lifted via a remote control, providing convenient access to the battery compartment and a built-in helmet storage area. True to Lambretta’s legacy, the Elettra guarantees impressive performance, reaching a maximum speed of approximately 110 kph. This is made possible through continuous and peak power outputs of 4-kilowatt (kW) and 11 kW, respectively, coupled with a torque of 258 Nm. The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) ensures exceptional torque, the best weight/ power ratio, high efficiency, and reliability. The Elettra introduces three riding modes: Eco, Ride, and Sport, adapting seamlessly to diverse mobility needs. It provides a convenient travel autonomy ranging from approximately 130 kilometers (at a constant speed of 40 kph) to over 60 km (at a constant speed of 80 kph). Charging the lithium battery (4.6 kWh) takes approximately five hours and 30 minutes with a 220-volt home system, reduced to around 35 minutes with a “fast charge” in a public place (up to 80 percent). Tailored for urban mobility, the Elettra features a comfortable seat height of 780mm, which is suitable for riders of all sizes and a weight within the normal range for its category. Every detail of the Elettra, from concept to development, reflects the meticulous work of Lambretta’s design team, led by president Walter Scheffrahn, who personally oversaw every aspect of the design. The Lambretta Series The Elettra seamlessly integrates into Lambretta’s existing range, which includes the X series with X125 and X300, the V-Special series, and the G-Special. X Series: Merging modern design with Lambretta’s DNA, the X series comprises the X125 and X300 models, catering to urban and broader functionality, respectively. Both feature sporty and tapered lines reminiscent of Lambretta’s legendary past. G-Special Series: Anchored by the G350, the GSpecial series represents the premium end of the market, extending the V-Special range’s high-end offerings. Inspired by classic Lambretta designs, the G350 stands out as the flagship model in the premium classic scooter category. V-Special Series: Already available in three displacements ÑV50, V125, and V200Ñthe V-Special series, introduced in 2017, demonstrates Lambretta’s dedication to originality and competitiveness. Operating in 45 countries, Lambretta’s holding company is based in Lugano, with administrative activities near London and operational/technical works in Bangkok. The Elettra is the result of close collaboration with the Lambretta Thailand branch, operational for over three years, solidifying Lambretta’s presence and industrial strength in Asia. Built with cutting-edge technologies, Lambretta models adhere to global quality standards, incorporating the finest components available in the market. This business model positions Lambretta as a leader, emphasizing technological prowess and an unwavering commitment to quality in the ever-evolving landscape of electric mobility.