Motorcycle lane rollout now March 26




The Manila Times


ONGOING road repair works prompted the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to reschedule the full implementation of the motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City to March 26. The road repair works being undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways were meant to fix uneven portions of the 12.4-kilometer highway formerly known as Don Mariano Marcos Avenue. MMDA Chairman Don Artes on Friday said this development will give them an extra week to extend the ongoing dry-run and familiarization drive that started on March 9 and was supposed to end on March 19. “With another week of dry run, we hope to inform more motorists to avoid confusion before full implementation, ”he said. The reintroduction of the motorcycle lane was among the initiatives aimed at improving traffic flow and road safety in the road network that was once infamously referred to as a “killer highway” for the number of car crashes and accidents recorded in the area. Under the scheme, all motorcycles passing through Commonwealth Avenue will be limited to the designated motorcycle lane to prevent riders from criss-crossing the highway and cutting off four-wheeled vehicles. “We opt to continue the dry-run of the exclusive motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Ave. from Elliptical Road to Doña Carmen and vice versa. In coordination with the DPWH, their patch works in the area will continue to address the issues on the said road,” Artes said. “The MMDA is grateful to the DPWH for acting quickly to our repair works request which would help in reducing the number of accidents in the area. According to the MMDA, a total of 9,757 motorists were flagged down from March 9 to March 16 for encroaching on or non-use of the designated motorcycle lane, which is the third lane from the road pavement or sidewalk.” The MMDA and the DPWH also plan to install reflectorized or solar-lighted road studs to properly mark the lane.