Hotel Okura Manila offers Saga Wagyu and Sake pairings




The Manila Times

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HOTEL Okura Manila invites you to travel by taste to the historical Saga Prefecture in Japan through a six-course dinner featuring the globally esteemed Saga Wagyu beef. Four kitchen masters collaborated in curating a tasting menu that traverses through different interpretations of the premium beef. Saga-Gyu is made from the finest breeds of Japanese cattle. These blackhaired cattle are perfectly embraced by the region’s mild climate, clean air, and fresh water. The highly-maintained standards place Saga beef among the best of over 200 beef brands in Japan carrying a grade of 4 (or A4) by the country’s meat grading standards. In addition, its characteristics of tsuya-sashi or marbling is so outstanding, the shades of the cross-section are reminiscent of that of a cherry blossom flower. With a rating of 7 (the highest within the range of A4 grade meat), the marbling becomes an unwrapped gift of flavors when cooked. The dinner features Yawaragi chef de cuisine Jerrymie Tamayo as he prepares the amuse-bouche, salad and soup, Yamazato Japanese executive chef Keiichiro Fujino prepares the entrée, Hotel Okura Manila pastry chef Vi Serrano steps in for the dessert, and finally, master butcher and faculty member of The Federal Meat Academy Hiroki Samata gets his hands on the appetizer and the main course. The courses are paired with premium sake for superior dining experience. The drinks include sunflower and strawberry-flavored drinks from the historically rich Amabuki Junmai, the award-winning bottles from Tenzan Sake Brewery, Shichida Junmai. This exclusive gastronomic wonder is happening today, March 18, and starts at 7 p.m. at the visually captivating dining venue Yawaragi in Hotel Okura within Newport World Resorts. Limited seats are available. This event is in partnership with Mayon Consolidated Inc. and Philippine Wine Merchants. For more information, visit or email