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Padilla admits‘Cha-cha’is dead


SEN. Robinhood “Robin” Padilla on Thursday conceded that his proposal for a Charter change or Cha-cha in Congress is “dead.”

Padilla, chairman of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes, has been pushing for the constitutional amendments to tweak the 1987 Constitution, SPECIfiCALLY TO LIFT THE ECONOMIC provisions that restrict foreign ownership for certain industries.

In a press briefing, Padilla told reporters it is unlikely for the Senate to approve a bill on Charter change.

He blamed this on the leadership row in the House of Representatives which he said bolstered the position of the majority of senators opposing the planned lifting of the economic provisions of the charter.

Padilla said only four members of the PDP-Laban party in the Senate have signed his committee report.

He also admitted that his economic cha-cha proposal died after the completion of the implementing rules and regulations of the Public Service Act which he said Congress will closely monitor its implementation and its effectiveness in increasing the foreign direct investments and the growth of the economy of the country.

Padilla said he will also monitor the Maharlika Investment Fund which is said to also increase investments in the country.

The senator said it’s time for him to shift to “political cha-cha” by pushing the term extension for the PRESIDENT AND OTHER ELECTIVE OFfiCIALS.

From the current six-year term, Padilla wants to make it a fouryear term with one reelection for the president.

He said a six-year term is too short for a good president but too long for a nonperforming leader.





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