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Seven brands that offer sedans in PH


A SEDAN is a car with two or four doors that can accommodate four or more people and typically has a fixed roof.

In contrast to a hatchback, a sedan has a separate trunk that cannot be accessed from the inside of the car, separating the passengers from the vehicle’s main storage area.

Sedan cars are a popular choice for those seeking compact vehicles as it can efficiently take them to their destinations without the added bulk and high price tags.

If you’re in search of one, here’s a curated list of brands offering some of the best sedan models in the country.


Geely, one of the leading automobile manufacturers of China under Geely Holding Group, is making strides in the global market by committing to continuous innovation and improvement of its automotive products.

Geely challenges car owners to be driven by confidence, comfort and peace of mind with its first sedan model: Geely Emgrand.

The Geely Emgrand boasts a masterfully designed exterior and interior that provides a luxurious feel, appearance and experience. It has ample leg room, premium leather seats, a stylish sunroof and an intelligent air conditioning — all providing maximum comfort that a sedan can offer.

Geely inspires Filipinos to seek more than just functionality in sedans by offering this upscale and stylish option in the market. The vehicle’s infotainment system and state-of-the-art safety features ensures your land travel is smooth, delightful and hassle-free.

Geely Emgrand is currently available in black, blue, gold, gray, pastel brown, white and red.


Honda has established itself as a trusted choice in the sedan segment. It maintains its competitive edge by consistently updating its models to align with evolving market trends and technological advancements.

In fact, Honda Cars Philippines Inc. recently relaunched a refreshed model of its best-selling sedan, the Honda City. The City’s generous space complements its cozy seats and an infotainment system that seamlessly connects with a smartphone, keeping you comfy and connected while on the move.

The refreshed Honda City is equipped with improved Honda Sensing technology, an exclusive safety feature designed for Honda cars. This system uses intelligent driver-assistive technologies that offer added driver support to help prevent accidents, collisions, pedestrian injuries and overlooking road signs. It also has adaptive cruise control and a lane keeping assist system, further boosting the overall safety of both passengers and drivers.

Furthermore, City owners can also get creative by personalizing or upgrading their sedan with genuine Honda accessories developed under Honda’s Modulo brand.

With its dynamic new look, improved engine performance, enhanced fuel efficiency, coupled with heightened safety and advanced features, Honda City is set to elevate your sedan to a new level.


Several Lexus vehicles have put the brand on the map, but Lexus’ line of luxury sedans (LS) stands out among the rest.

Lexus LS underwent a rigorous six-year development process that reflects the brand’s dedication to superior quality and constant refinement. This sedan’s elegant interior owes its charm to stylish inner door panels handcrafted by Lexus takumi masters.

The LS series also offers unmatched comfort with its comfy reclining seats, allowing passengers to relax while watching movies on spacious 11.6-inch liquid crystal display screens.

Additionally, this vehicle is complete with a 16-channel three-dimensional surround sound system with 23 speakers strategically placed throughout the cabin, ensuring an exceptional audio-visual experience.

Drive confidently with its stylized light-emitting diode headlamps and comprehensive safety suite, featuring lane tracing assist, pre-collision system and dynamic radar cruise control.

The LS Series includes LS 500, LS 500 Premier and LS 500h Premier. In its commitment to making impossible happen, Lexus takes pride in its flagship luxury sedan and continues to raise the bar in this category.

Luxury and quality are the common denominators among Lexus sedan models. Aside from LS, there are two more models in its sedan lineup: intelligent sport (IS) and executive sedan (ES).

There are three variants under the ES series: ES 300h Executive, ES 300h Luxury and ES 350 Premier. Both ES 300h Executive and ES 300h Luxury are hybrid electric models.

After going through a series of changes since its debut in 1989, the Lexus ES series delivers exceptional comfort, a quiet ride and smooth performance. In pursuit of even greater tranquility for this model, Lexus engineers incorporate sound absorption, sound insulation and noise-canceling measures.

Among the standout features of ES is the enhanced brake pedal that is thoughtfully positioned for comfortable use, ensuring stability during braking. It also possesses an advanced headlight technology, allowing a precise and extensive view of the road without causing any inconvenience to other drivers in the opposite direction.

Of course, its interior upholds the standards of quality and elegance, making it a fitting choice for luxury sedan car seekers.

Finally, the Lexus IS is a rear-wheel drive sport sedan that has been recognized as the top selling compact luxury sedan car in the Philippines in 2022. All IS variants – Lexus IS 300h Executive, Lexus IS 300h Premier and Lexus IS 350 F Sport – are available in the Philippines.


With over 100 years of automotive experience, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. has also positioned itself as a strong player in the automotive industry for its commitment to innovation.

It boasts a wide range of products worldwide – from sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks and multipurpose vehicles, to mini cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Fortunately, One Mitsubishi sedan available in the Philippines is the Mirage G4. Mirage G4 comes in 5 variants: G4 GLS SPORT, G4 GLS CVT, G4 GLX CVT, G4 GLS M/T and the newest GLS Black Series.

The Mirage G4 stands out for its keyless operation system, allowing you to lock or unlock all doors by pressing a button on the driver’s side door while the key stays in your pocket. The same goes for the trunk, providing hassle-free access to your storage area without the need to rummage through your pocket to find your keys.

This sedan model is equipped with a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine featuring the Mitsubishi innovative valve timing electronic control system or MIVEC.

For eco-conscious buyers, the Mirage G4 also offers an eco-friendly feature that lowers fuel consumption and contributes to a cleaner environment.


Nissan recently introduced its newest Almera VL. This is not your ordinary sedan as it offers NissanConnect Services, a latest innovation under Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

By using the NissanConnect Services application on your smartphone, you can control many features of your Nissan Almera VL in just a few taps. This smart technology allows you to unlock your vehicle doors, start the engine, locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot by remotely turning on the headlight or sounding the horn and a lot more.


Suzuki Philippines Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corp., is known as a manufacturer of superior quality motorcycles and compact vehicles in the Philippines.

With its signature sedan — Suzuki Dzire — customers can expect a premium driving experience without the need for excessive space. In essence, Suzuki Philippines redefines the concept of sedan cars, ensuring that customers get the best value with the high-quality features they offer.

The Suzuki Dzire offers comfortable seating for up to five people, making it an ideal choice for small families or groups. Its spacious interior ensures that everyone can travel in comfort, making it a versatile and practical option.

Its black interior with silver accents exudes a sleek style that enhances the ambiance and makes every ride pleasurable for all passengers.

The Suzuki Dzire is equipped with electrically adjustable side mirrors and an auto gear shift, providing convenience and functionality. It also features reverse parking sensors and hill hold control, which is a system that prevents the vehicle from rolling backward while on slopes.

Additionally, this vehicle incorporates Suzuki’s total effective control technology, a key safety feature that provides enhanced passenger protection by effectively absorbing and mitigating impact in the event of a collision.

With such advanced safety features, the Suzuki Dzire not only offers practicality, but also provides peace of mind to drivers and passengers alike, ensuring a safer and more secure travel.

Aside from the convenience that comes with its compact body, this sedan makes driving exceptionally safe, powerful and desirable for every Filipino car buyer.

Currently, Suzuki Dzire is available in three variants: GA MT, GL MT and GLP AGS. Each one comes with different price points, color options and other key features, offering you a wide range of choices to find what best fits your needs and preferences.


Toyota is the top-of-mind brand when it comes to sedan cars in the country.

According to data from Statista, an online platform specializing in research and data gathering, all of the top six best-selling car models in the Philippines in terms of units sold in 2022 are from Toyota, solidifying its position as the market leader in the country. It also reveals that among the six, the top one model is the Toyota Vios.

Toyota Philippines’ sedan lineup has four models: Vios, Vios GR-2, Camry and Corolla Altis.

With its upgraded exterior, excellent fuel efficiency and top-notch safety features, it’s no doubt that Toyota Vios has become a popular choice for Filipinos. It comes in several colors and variants that ensure to meet various customer requirements.

Toyota Camry and Corolla Altis, on the other hand, are hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), which means they are powered by a conventional gasoline engine and a powerful electric motor.

What sets Toyota’s HEVs apart is their self-charging electric motor, which eliminates the need to plug them in. This does not only save fuel, but also reduces carbon emissions.

There are many sedan cars in the market, and these are just a few of them. If you are looking for small-sized cars, a reliable sedan promises mobility, flexibility and affordability without necessarily sacrificing quality.





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